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Secure mobile Internet only 6,90€/day
for up to 5 users
with trully unlimited traffic

Public hotspots are unsafe and unpractical, and roaming costs are unpredictable. Relax and get hold of one if our mobile private hotspot and share it with up to 5 users for only 6,90€/day.


Ask for one at your hotel or directly pick it at our strategically placed delivery points

Cost effective

Safe connection and unlimited traffic for you and your group for only 6,90€/day


Switch on the Freeclick device and connect to the WiFi name shown on its touch screen.

How it works

Public Hotspots on bars and hotels are unencrypted, as risky as a Russian Roulette, any other user on the hotspot can sniff the connection and see your traffic, including Web sites you visit, emails, credit card numbers, chats, you name it.
Avoiding public hotspots and using your own device on roaming has unpredictable costs and yiu have tokeep checking your usage. You never realy know what the cost will finally be.
You are on holidays or on a bussy business trip, so relax. We have a turnkey solution, your own private mobile hotspot.
Three simple steps:
  • Ask for your Freeclick private hotspot at your Hotel or pick one at any of our strategically placed picking-points (check HERE).
  • Turn it on.
  • Connect your smartphones, tablets and laptops through WiFi to your new mobile private hotspot.
Thats all you have to do to enjoy a 100% secure unlimited connection to Internet, wherever you go, 24/7.

Want to know more?

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Verizon International Plan / Verizon Travel Plan check HERE
AT&T International Plan / Verizon Travel Plan check HERE
T-Mobile International Plan / Verizon Travel Plan check HERE

MWC 2017 Barcelona WiFi ?

Want 24/7 high speed WiFi during your stay at Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2017 ? Checkout Freeclick HERE

Barcelona airport WiFi ?

Arriving to Barcelona through Barcelona airport and need 24/7 mobile WiFi during your stay? Check HERE

Local users? Español?

Si es residente en España y desea un servicio de WiFi móvil 24/7 para casa y fuera de ella conozca el servicio Karma WiFi AQUÍ ( or HERE). Va a viajar al extranjero y desea tener WiFi móvil 24/7 para usted y los suyos ? Llámenos y consulte tarifas.

Tiene un hotel? apartamentos ? alquiler de vehículos?

Desde solo 6,90€ al mes ofrezca el servicio Freeclick a sus clientes extranjeros, WiFi dentro y fuera de su establecimiento sin inversiones en infraestructura y con buena rentabilidad. Más información AQUÍ
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